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A Unique Way to Play Cards

Too many card games today are simple copies of older games. Solitaire and Hearts are fun for a while, but they quickly become dull because they lack innovation. Over many months we've developed a whole new card game unlike any other before. Card Jack is an entertainment app that uses the same deck of cards we're all familiar with but adds elements of memory. From our studio in Calgary, Alberta, we've created a game that you won't want to quit playing!

Simple to Get Into, Difficult to Master

We designed Card Jack to be fun for everyone, whether you're 12 or in your 60's. The game consists of four players who try to win using a combination of strategy and memory. Some of our early testers call it a fun mix between a brain game and a card game. Every player has their own board they play on and the ability to look onto another player's board. You'll love the challenge of trying to keep track of your opponent's cards while developing your own strategies. Of course, the suit of jacks plays a big role in the game.

Take It Anywhere

There's no limit to where you can play Card Jack. You can use online devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. Our app will be available for free and can be played in single
player and multiplayer mode. Play against opponents from all over the world to really test your mettle.

Card Jack Board